Granit CPA

Serbest Muhasebeci Mali Müşavirlik A.Ş.

You set out to move your business to reach your targets. However, in the ever-changing world and economic arenas; your commitments, obligations and the difficulties you face change rapidly. In order to meet your liabilities fast and decently, you better respond promptly as well.

In the dynamic and competitive world of the economy; you need a financial companion who will support you with your expertise.

GRANIT CPA was founded in 1991 to help her associates overcome the difficulties they face in the business world and to contribute to their success.

Today GRANIT CPA provides high-quality service to more than 1000 companies operating in various industries, both in national and international platforms. While maintaining up-to-date service, GRANIT CPA gets her greatest strength from her expert staff.

GRANIT CPA uses a holistic approach and utilizes technological developments in her daily operations for serving her customers in all financial matters and accounting affairs GRANIT CPA uses the latest developed software during the processes of designing and implementing accounting and financial procedures. GRANIT CPA believes in continuous development and her services are updated accordingly. Thanks to her experienced team, GRANIT CPA supplies financial reporting in all languages, creates accounting systems, and provides current and fastest accounting services with the latest technology. GRANIT CPA works in a globalizing world for global business partners and associates.